Day 10: tears & goodbyes

Day 10: tears & goodbyes

Dear diary,

here we are at the end of this amazing journey. After 10 days full of meetings and straordinari experiences, we got to the very end of this trip.

At 10:00 we met at LEAD office, welcomed as usual by the staff and by some young people who offered us something to eat and to drink and who brought us to the room where some of our friends were already waiting for us.

In the room, each of us took some paper and drew a heart in it and his/her name. Following, exchanging papers with each other, we wrote a thought in each heart, so that at the end all papers wall full of emotional comments to keep forever.


At the end of this activity that lasted almost two hours, we started the last meeting that represented also the achievement of a dream: a meeting of LEADItalia and LEAD TOGETHER.

There have been emotional moments, but the topic of the meeting, beside sharing our thoughts about the trip, was the future. What does this trip leave us with? How can I bet use what I learned during these days? What new projects am I going to start? These were some of the questions that we asked ourselves. There’s no unique answer, but more than one. Others are still patiently trying to find an answer.

Some questions had a common aspect: what kind of the relationship do we want to maintain between LEAD (Israel) and LEADItalia? What is the future of LEAD Alumni?

In regard to the first question, several points of view were expressed with a common goal though: to remain in contact to build a network of leaders that today and tomorrow can make the difference in different fields, to make the world a better place.

“Alumni” is a project that included us young people who ended the LEAD program. Our goal is to organize some activities such as seminars and workshops for the future generations of LEAD ambassadors; hence we will have to work on the organizational and economical part of this goal and on all the aspects that are needed to address in order to make workshops useful to all the young people who will take part to them.

At the end of the meeting we went to the airport and after saying goodbye to the Israeli friends, after smiles and tears, we embarked for our destination: Italy.

During the flight and in the next days I thought a lot about the experience and about my future as a student and as a leader.

I think that an experience such this one is really unique hence I try to hold on tight each suggestion and learning that I could get out of it. I look at the future a bit hesitantly because of the high expectations that I have, but I also question if the motivation and the basis from which I start are strong too.

This experience gave me new tools to be able to achieve what I desire: now it’s up to me to get involved and start a new path in my life.

Massimiliano Ursig


Elettra Favotto