Our programme

LEAD ITALIA offers a 2-year leadership development programme for students aged 17-19.

During the programme the ambassadors (this is how we call the participants) are involved in a series of different activities.

Team meetings

The ambassadors meet twice a month for three hours and guided by a facilitator they gain new points of view on society or leadership and project management tools and they help each other promote social initiatives.


The ambassadors tale part to three workshops every year. Contents vary and include creative thinking, decision making process, teamwork, being a leader and lead change.

Social change projects

Every ambassador is the leader of his/her social project. Ambassadors learn how to build a project from the brainstorming phase to the implementation of a project plan. They learn how to manage their own team, to build relationships with different stakeholders (public or private), to overcome obstacles and to manage unexpected events, failures and success of an entrepreneurial initiative. During the team meeting and in between the meetings, the ambassadors collaborate, they support each other on the identification and implementation of their social projects.


The ambassadors are encouraged to build relationships not only with their peers from Italy, but also from other countries. By creating international meeting opportunities, we encourage the start up of initiatives to the benefit of the international community.


Young people we have worked with


Schools in the Province of Treviso involved in our projects


Projects implemented and 9 workshops delivered


and more hours of meetings


Share our dream!

We dream of bringing the model in other Italian provinces.
Together with LEAD, we work to create an international network of young leaders that can work together for the benefit of the global community.

Why shall I be a leader at a young age?

Because young people have a different perspective than adults: they can analyse problems from different points of view and identify solutions that adults can’t see.

Why shall I apply for LEADIt if I’m busy at school, I’m already involved in volunteering activities and I have other thousand commitments?

As for those who want to grow in sport, to develop your potential in the field of leadership, you need to confront yourselves with those who have your same potential,  pushing yourself beyond your limits. LEAD Italia is the opportunity to fully develop your talent, learn how to think outside the box and hence being more effective in your everyday leadership actions, to the benefit of yourself and the community.

What do LEADIt ambassadors have in common?

The participants to LEAD Italia are selected among those who show a natural talent for entrepreneurship in their everyday life, who have high moral and ethical standards and that find their own unique way to align their personal goals with the greater good.