LEAD Italia is a non political, non religious, non profit organization that invests in youths and motivates them to engage in a leadership development programme to discover and show their unique leader identity.

Our model

LEAD Italia adopts an unique leadership model, in continuous improvement. The model has been developed by LEAD, a 20 years old Israeli organization.

What we do

We design and organize programs for the next generation of leaders. We support young talents in understanding and developing their unique potential so that they can be active citisens and serve the community.

LEAD Italia offers a two years leadership development program designed for young adults from 17 to 19 years of age.

Team meetings
Social change projects

We collaborate with youths with leadership potential, high ethical and moral standards and strong motivation to take the opportunity of developing leadership talents and of sharing them with the community.

We dream of bringing the model in other Italian provinces. Together with LEAD, we work to create an international network of young leaders that can work together for the benefit of the global community.


Our diamonds are rare, unique and precious. They have legs, arms and talk. But what interest us the most is what they hide inside themselves and the contribution they can bring for a positive change in the community.