An innovative model

An unique programme

It is well known that each of us deals with leadership in his/her everyday life and that leadership programmes can be found almost everywhere in the world. Most of these initiatives however are not very effective. These are maybe workshops that last for few days, organised by famous gurus that instill in you an immediate sense of enthusiasm; after few hours though, life goes back to the same plain routine and nothing changes.

LEAD Italia adopts a unique leadership development model that has been developed and constantly reviewed by LEAD in Israel over the past twenty years.

The leadership model

The leadership model created by LEAD entails two main elements:

This has nothing to do with the role of a manager or of a boss inside an organisation. A manager is not necessarily a leader. Being a leader begins with a clear statement: “I want to be a leader and I’m ready for that”.

A leader is someone who performs an act of leadership, in other words, someone who works to change society, making a positive impact.

The process

The ambassadors’ process in LEAD Italia is not an easy one and is made of three main steps:

Understand the meaning of being a leader, with its costs, benefits and challenges.

Choose to be a leader.

Gain skills and develop a “Yes, I can” mindset.

Most of the organisations that deal with leadership development focus directly on the third step and that’s why they often turn out not to be effective.

It’s not enough to develop public speaking skills or to learn how to manage a team of people to become a leader. Leadership development requires the discovery of one’s own leadership identity first, something you can’t do in only a few days workshop.

We aim at helping young people discover their own way, adopt their own identity as leaders and choose to live their life as leaders and as community influencers.
We design and implement programs to develop the next generation of leaders. We help talented young people identify and develop their own identity as leaders and their potential and we encourage them to positively change society.