In LEAD Italia, we dream of a society where young adults drive change through creativity, entrepreneurship and community service, knowing their role of leaders.

We work with young adults aged 17 to 19 with leadership potential, high ethical and moral standards and strong motivation to take the opportunity to develop their identity as leaders and to share their potential with the community.
Every year we offer 200 hours of training and team meetings and we encourage each participant to develop social change projects.

And we can show you our first results!

Thanks to your help we can increase the impact of our youths in the community!

Be a leader with us

We dream to bring our leadership development model to other Italian cities and to create a global network of young leaders who work together for the greater good.

Donate to LEAD Italia and join us to change the future of society.


Our diamonds are rare, unique and precious. They have legs, arms and talk. But what interest us the most is what they hide inside themselves and the contribution they can bring for a positive change in the community.