Dance: you are beautiful

Project leader

Ilaria De Spirito




In preparation


Women affected by breast cancer face some important changes, such as hair loss, that cause discomfort, sufferance and disorientation. Such issues are very often ignored or minimized, but in truth, despite it is believed that people with cancer have other priorities, the loss of self-likeness and the awareness of their womanhood have a heavy impact on their life.

Even after the treatments, the mental and physical rehab is long and tough, since the changes caused by the sickness stay even after the therapies.

“Dance: you are beautiful” was born out of the reflections on a personal experience. The project consists on a dancing night during which women can feel their womanhood again and have the opportunity to socialize with other people who shared their same experience, surrounded by the love of their family and the understanding of the community.

Apart from letting these women reconquer their self-esteem and esteem in their bodies, the aim of the project is to lower down the fear of showing in public and to give the loved ones the chance to make cancer fighters and survivors feel important and loved.

“Dance: you are beautiful” is not just a dancing night, but it’s the starting point of a new life for all those women and families who experienced the pain personally and who have been courageously fighting cancer together.