Our team

We are a team of professional, trained to accompany our youths in their evolution in LEAD Italia.

The organization regularly asks consultants, trainers and experts in the leadership sector to join in the programme, in order to guarantee a high level of quality in the training experience and to maintain the right management system in LEAD Italia.

Maria Elettra Favotto

In 2009, while attending at an university in Canada, I first got involved in the world of leadership. Since then I am very interested in leadership development with a special focus to the youths. In 2012 I began to be involved in conferences and training activities.

In Tel Aviv, in 2013, I met LEAD, a nonprofit organization in which I learnt the model of youth leadership development that we are implementing in LEAD Italia. I really believe youths are the engine and the guide of the change for a better future of our communities.

My motto comes from the words of Morrie Schwartz: “Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

Mario Bassetto
Vice President

I come from the finance world both for studies made and for 40 years of work in the bank sector.

I joined LEAD because, as Rotarian, I care for the work the Rotary is doing with the new generations and in particular I care for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA Jr) program that we are promoting in Treviso Province since 2011. LEAD Italia has been constituted like a natural continuation of the work done in the RYLA Jr seminar in 2016.

Giorgio Feletto

I am a nuclear and power engineer and I am a mental coach. I started my career in the renewable energy sector, but in 2015, following one of my passions, I became an independent consultant in the Life and Business Coaching sector.

In LEAD Italia I am responsible to accompany the youths in their growth, both during the workshops and in the team meetings. I really believe that LEAD Italia is an unique opportunity for youths to understand and develop their Leadership qualities and through them to bring the change in our society.